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ZeMo: An Open Source Water Quality Monitoring System for Aquaria
SP Johnson, JD Yates, ZB Frederich, JT Hill
Zebrafish 15 (6), 652-655, 2018

Methods and compositions for generating CRISPR guide RNA libraries
J Yates, J Hill
US Patent App. 15/727,279, 2018

Heart morphogenesis gene regulatory networks revealed by temporal expression analysis
JT Hill, B Demarest, B Gorsi, M Smith, HJ Yost
Development 144 (19), 3487-3498, 2017

Nkx2. 5-dependent alterations of the embryonic heart DNA methylome identify novel cis-regulatory elements in cardiac development
B Gorsi, T Mosbruger, M Smith, J Hill, HJ Yost
bioRxiv, 186395, 2017

FOXN3 regulates hepatic glucose utilization
S Karanth, EK Zinkhan, JT Hill, HJ Yost, A Schlegel
Cell reports 15 (12), 2745-2755, 2016

Nkx6.1‐mediated insulin secretion and β‐cell proliferation is dependent on upregulation of c‐Fos
JD Ray, KB Kener, BF Bitner, B Wright, M Ballard, EJ Barrett, JT Hill, LG Moss, JS Tessem
FEBS letters, 2016

Poly peak parser: Method and software for identification of unknown indels using sanger sequencing of polymerase chain reaction products
JT Hill, BL Demarest, BW Bisgrove, YC Su, M Smith, HJ Yost
Developmental Dynamics 243 (12), 1632-1636, 2014

Hectd1 is required for development of the junctional zone of the placenta
AA Sarkar, SJ Nuwayhid, T Maynard, F Ghandchi, JT Hill, AS Lamantia, IE Zohn
Developmental biology 392 (2), 368-380, 2014

Package ‘sangerseqR’
JT Hill, B Demarest, MJ Hill, S BiocStyle, SNP biocViews Sequencing

Genome-wide analysis reveals the unique stem cell identity of human amniocytes
CT Maguire, BL Demarest, JT Hill, JD Palmer, AR Brothman, HJ Yost, ML Condic
PLoS One 8 (1), e53372, 2013

MMAPPR: mutation mapping analysis pipeline for pooled RNA-seq
JT Hill, BL Demarest, BW Bisgrove, B Gorsi, YC Su, HJ Yost
Genome research, gr. 146936.112, 2013

Ghrelin expression in the mouse pancreas defines a unique multipotent progenitor population
L Arnes, JT Hill, S Gross, MA Magnuson, L Sussel
PloS one 7 (12), e52026, 2012

Methods, Systems, and Media for Identifying Transcription Factor Binding Sites
JT Hill, L Sussel
US Patent App. 13/118,148, 2011

Novel computational analysis of protein binding array data identifies direct targets of Nkx2. 2 in the pancreas
JT Hill, KR Anderson, TL Mastracci, KH Kaestner, L Sussel
BMC bioinformatics 12 (1), 62, 2011

Nkx2. 2 activates the ghrelin promoter in pancreatic islet cells
JT Hill, CS Chao, KR Anderson, F Kaufman, CW Johnson, L Sussel
Molecular Endocrinology 24 (2), 381-390, 2010

Ghrelin is dispensable for embryonic pancreatic islet development and differentiation
JT Hill, TL Mastracci, C Vinton, ML Doyle, KR Anderson, ZL Loomis, JM Schrunk, AD Minic, KR Prabakar, A Pugliese, Y Sun, RG Smith, L Sussel
Regulatory peptides 157 (1-3), 51-56, 2009