Meet the Hill Lab:

Lab Members/Projects:

Biominer, Codon Usage Collaboration

 - Lizzy Porter: Bioinformatics; Morgan, UT

TBX: studying the redundancy of the Tbx2a, Tbx2b and Tbx3 genes in heart organogenesis

 - Annika Martin: Biophysics; San Diego, CA
 - Dawson Lybbert
 - Brad Aota


 - Justin Ward: PDBio; Spokane Valley, WA
 - Jonathan Rawlins: PDBio; Murrieta, CA


Nate Jenkins: Bioinformatics; Boston, MA
 - Nathaniel Batey: Genetics & Biotech; San Jose, CA

Promoter Basher: We are testing a new technique that will enable us to know which parts of the promoter enhance or repress gene activity with accuracy up to one base pair.

 - Spencer Coleman: PDBio; Canton, CT
 - Madison Tippetts: Health Science; Saco, ME
 - Quinn Benson

(Mutation Mapping Analysis Pipeline for Pooled RNA-seq) MMAPPR is a bioinformatics pipeline for transcriptome analysis in forward genetic screens. We are working on improving performance by refactoring in R for increased performance and functionality.

 - Kyle Johnsen: Bioinformatics; Holladay, UT 

CRISPR Screen: developing a CRISPR-based, tissue specific, forward genetic screening technique

 - Carson Russell
 - Josh Yates: Molecular Biology; Spanish Fork, UT